Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Historic Map for Hold Back the Sun

Historic Map For Hold Back the Sun

I just received permission from the San Francisco Airport Museum to use their historic map of the 1940's Pan Am Clipper Trans-Pacific flying boat route. Several chapters of my novel take place during a Clipper flight to Manila in 1941. The Boeing 314 flying boat was the first wide-bodied, double-decked airliner and the aviation marvel of its day. From Hawaii to Hong Kong, all flying was done during daylight, with nightly stop-overs at Pan Am Hotels on islands along the route. On Midway and Wake, fresh vegetables for the passengers were grown in early hydroponic gardens. A bridge tournement lasting several days fought off boredom. The heroine incurs the enmity of a Japanese officer during the bridge game, setting up his quest for revenge.

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