Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Historical Characters in FALL EAGLE ONE

A number of real people appear in FALL EAGLE ONE: Churchill, FDR, Hermann Goering, Hitler, George Marshall, and many others. I have portrayed them all as accurately as exhaustive research allowed. Goering actually had a genius IQ and amassed a vast fortune by appropriating state owned industries. He was lazy and became addicted to morphine after being shot in the groin in Munich. Hitler was given to fits of rage, which some historians lay to the massive doses of meth administered by his doctor. The story of FDR's bout of congestive heart failure in the spring of 1944 is documented in many books about the wartime President. I was fortunate to be able to visit the British Cabinet War Rooms in London , allowing me to accurately describe them when Evan Thompson briefed Churchill. Even Siegfried von Rall is based on an actual person: Colonel Siegfried Knemeyer, Goering's Technical Advisor late in the war.

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